Various  information

Contact persons for the weekend:

Contact the following persons for the following questions:
- Bus/transportation?
 Line +47 99252340 (Fausko to Fyri)
 Ulla +47 48148162 (Fyri to Fausko)
- Mingling Fyri on Friday? Ulla
- Hike Saturday? 
  Johan +47 91701101
- Wedding ceremony? Line
- Wedding dinner 
   Aaron +47 90197375
- Questions for the wedding photographer Berthram?
Fredrik +47 47604484
- Questions at Fausko? 
Need an ironing board or a light bulb?
Kristian +47 90541212


Our good friend Aaron Natvig will be the evening's toastmaster - hurray! Please tell him in advance if you plan to give a speech.

Phone no: +47 90197375

NB! Short speeches please😉

English speaking guests will receive the ceremonial speech at Vabuleino in English, but we cannot assure the same "luxury" when it comes to the wedding dinner - so sorry! 
And sorry again - normally there are quite a few speeches in a Norwegian wedding😉💕

Dress code

"Mountain hotel/semi-formal"
- whatever makes you happy!
Some of the guests will dress up (Ex: Annette will have a short glittering dress), whilst others will be more casual (Ex: Jimmy will use jeans and a shirt or a casual jacket) - everything is ok/allowed! :)      

Ceremony: Hiking clothes (except for the bride/groom etc. who will dress up for the ceremony). 

Wedding: (semi-)formal dress (any colour) or national costume (bunad), and  remember good shoes for dancing on the (uneven) barn floor!

Hiking on Saturday

The hike to Hydalshjallen will be guided by Annette's cousin Johan (phone number +47 91701101) and his wife Merete, and they will meet all hikers at Fausko parking space at 10:20 to fill up the cars. Bring a credit card for a road toll, 90NOK.
The hike ends up close to where we'll have the wedding ceremony (we will give you more details shortly).
Remember hiking boots and varm clothing for the hike. The hiking path (and the place for the ceremony) is slippery and there might be snow...!) and it's SMART to bring a lot of extra clothing for the ceremony (after a swetty hike) - you can pick it up in the car after the hike!

Woolen underwear/first layer is highly recommended, and it can also be smart to bring rainwear. 

Wedding ceremony

The ceremony will be performed by the Norwegian Humanist Organisation, and the master of ceremony is Hilde Sletta Solhaug (principal at Geilo primary and secondary school).

Baguettes, coffee and mineral water will be served.

NB! There is no electrisity or network at Vabuleino...  

If the weather gets really bad, there's a back-up indoor location at Fausko. In that case we will let you know by sms/Whatsapp!

No presents please!

The only present we wish for is that you come all the way to our wedding (and pay for transportation to/accomodation in Norway). 

We have everything we need in life! 💕 and we do not say that just to brag 😁🤣

Fausko guests

Fausko is a very charming guest house, but not a luxury hotel - so bed linens and towels are included, but bring your own shampoo, conditioner and hair dryer. There are kitchens/refrigerators in all the buildings. We will send you the room distribution list soon. 

On Friday and Sunday afternoon we will fire up the hot tubs, in case you want to bring a bathing suit. 

You can pay for your stay at Fausko on Sunday, during brunch.

People arriving Thursday will be served dinner (and breakfast on Friday), but you have to arrange for lunch Friday on your own - either in one of the kitchens at Fausko or in a café in Hemsedal (see "Things to do in Hemsedal" below).

More (historical) info about Fausko at the bottom of this page!

Transport Fausko - Fyri

We have ordered bus transportation on Friday from Fausko to Fyri and back, and on Saturday from Fyri to Fausko and back - you'll find the time schedule in the "Program".

If you have any questions regarding the bus transportation, please call Line (+47 99252340) for the buses on Friday, and Ulla (+47 48148162) for the buses on Saturday.

NB! Saturday night the bus will leave from Fausko at 03:10 sharp, and there will be no registering of names/persons. 

Need a taxi? Call +47 48036666 

RSVP, allergies & questions

Please let us know if you have any food allergies, and give us a notice by September 10th if you will NOT be attending the wedding💌

Annettes good friend DJ Christin is the DJ of the night, yippee!
Please add your favourite dancing song HERE

And do not hesitate to ask us anything, any time!

Can't wait to see you!

Love you!💗

About Fausko Guesthouse

The bride has been to several yoga retreats at Fausko, and from the moment I entered the barn in 2020, I have dreamed of getting married here!🤍

Fausko Shuttle Station is an old farm with a long history dating back to the Middle Ages, with many different areas of use over the years. It has been a general store, post station, horse entry, hotel and coaching/shuttle station, in addition to farming. It served for many years as a centre of the village. In 1990, the farm, after input from the Directorate for Cultural Heritage, was restored and converted into a guesthouse, which today houses everything from music festivals, concerts, weddings, conferences and much more. They have accommodation for 80 – 90 people, a converted barn that seats 300 people and an outdoor facility for 1200 people. 

The old building has retained its Swiss style on the exterior, but bears more of the feel of an old "halling room" inside (ref. to the valley Hallingdalen). The farm has also taken over an old granary from the 1700s from the stave church in the village. 

Fausko has been in the current family since the beginning of the 1800s and the station holder today is Knut Fausko (b. 1955). He likes to call himself a mountain farmer, but he is also a folk musician, fisherman, tourist host and he has skied across Greenland. He is a creative man who thinks innovatively to keep the old guesthouse functioning in modern times!